Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's been stuff happening at my other blog.  They are contemplating a conversion to a pay site, like wordpress.  It's been roughly a year since I posted here.  I don't know what exactly will happen with xanga, but I can say I will really miss it if it goes, but that's ok, because I have no problem with blogger.

I started applying at various districts for substitute teaching in the fall.  I hope I can go through the process correctly.

I miss Elizabeth, who is at girls' camp.  I'm happy she went, though.  She is a wonderful daughter.  I felt bad that we couldn't find the pillowcase she decorated with markers.  It's possible she left it at her dad's.  She said it was in her room, but I couldn't find it yesterday.  She had a pillowcase, though, it's just that everyone else seemed to have the ones from the night they were decorating them with markers.

I've started dunking Mini in little tubs of water out back so she can stay cool.  She complains a bit, but cooperates.  She always grooms herself after, and I think she enjoys it.

I moved Elizabeth's xylophone into the computer area so her room has more space.  I found a bookshelf for Nicholas's room for $5 at a yard sale last month and it was a good thing.  It's taller than me; he really needed it. 

When I went to go drop him off at scout camp, he was complaining the whole way there that he didn't get the merit badge classes he wanted and he wasn't sure he really wanted to go.  I hope he changed his mind once he saw his friends there.  He seemed to not be terrible excited when I left him at the church.  I hope he can earn some merit badges there.  If he gets all six, he will only need seven more to earn his eagle, along with an eagle project, and we have a few ideas we've discussed that would be possibilities.  For example, Elizabeth has a ton of stuffed animals we could donate to fire stations for children, like the Standard's did a few years ago for one of their eagle projects.

The leaders told him if he wanted he could sit in on some of the other classes, though, so I guess I will find out what happened soon enough.  I told him that just because he didn't get into any robotics classes when he was a scout, it doesn't mean he can't teach classes like that someday to other scouts.

Christina's friend Danny went with her to apply for jobs the other day when she went to volunteer at the library.  She had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  Her dad took her and got the prescription, and she had dry heaves, which is why they say no food or liquids six hours prior.  She was sleeping a lot afterward so I still haven't been able to reach her by phone.  I called once last night following the phone message from the oral surgeon saying call if we had any questions.

I should go to the temple again this week; maybe tomorrow.  I have an appointment with Christina to see a college financial advisor.  I don't even know when Christina will be back, actually.  I went to a free workshop on Saturday for one, so he was signing people up afterward for free consultations.

It would be nice if I had a crystal ball, but where would the free agency be if I did.  I guess it's better to not have a crystal ball.

Annette said she is Mrs. Potiphar in the production of Joseph and His Magic Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I'm glad she found something that she enjoys doing like that to stay busy. 

Elizabeth started babysitting for some people who moved into the area recently.  She is off this week, but last week she went there twice or so, and also the week before.  It's a long day, but they have a pool and a very nice home.  It's keeping her busy now that there's no band camp going on anymore until August.

I remember those olden days when we used to go the pool and stuff.  I think they kind of stopped wanting to do stuff like that before last year, I guess.


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