Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's been three years since I posted anything.  What I liked about that last post is that bike rack.  I don't think I will ever see so many bicycles at a bike rack like that.

I have been working in the kitchen as a production assistant.  I also started working at Little Caesar's Pizza as a crew member.

I'm holding down the fort, so to speak.  I'm keeping the house running to an extent.  The Lord has really been merciful, and somehow things haven't been breaking down around the house.

I had a few rough times in the fall with my car, but even that's been ok now, lately.

I'm still the Relief Society pianist and ward single adult representative, 30+.

I've been doing ok.  One summer I did tons of quilting, one summer I visited my mom in Florida.  In 2010 I went there for Christmas, and last year I attempted getting caught up with scrapbooking, well, glorified photo album-ing, I should say; our albums utilize background papers which may or may not enhance the photos.

So this summer I have sewing projects I could be doing, and I could continue to catch up with scrapbooking.   I also have the pizza place job I can continue with.

The garden is fine, and I've had a cat now, since March, whose owners moved back to California:  Minnie.


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