Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here is one of the quilt tops I made. If I back it into a quillow with the fleece it would actually not really match the room so well due to the fleece color.

Here is another one I finished. The effect is not what I want as of yet. I will probably change some of the fabrics in it. I had a problem with the angle size of the shapes. My template was for 60 degrees and I needed the 45 degree one so I had to go back and recut some of them. In the meantime I had that other idea for the 60 degree angle one. So the greens and teals are not the right ones because I didn't have enough for both of them so I went for a yellower green and it didn't blend to the green as well as teal would have. I will probably go back and change it some. It will need framing by more fabric as well--I took a picture of it on top of a comforter here.

My mom had a layover on the way home from her visit to my sister's house so we stopped at the airport for a bit and had a brief photo opportunity. Christina is taller than her now!

Here is a picture of the photo tiling project I made at the Enrichment night. I've got it up on a wall.


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