Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The children had a good dental checkup today. Christina's is next week--well, for getting two sealants. Here is a photo of Nicholas at a scout meeting last month. He's growing fast.

For those who have not read my other blog, I just realized I never said on this one that my husband sued me for a divorce. It was final January 7. So there is no more of that type of contention around here anymore, I guess.

Last week was a busy one. Monday night Christina played her flute in the band concert, Tuesday night I went to the banquet for her as an A+ student, a big honor, Thursday night was Elizabeth's honor choir concert at the same time as Christina's GT project presentation, and then yesterday was Liz's 4th grade folk dance program. So I have much to do today in the way of straightening up. Not to mention I made a circle yesterday of errands and have bought some things for Nicholas I need to put up and so forth.

Also last Saturday night was the mother-daughter Faith-in-God luau, which was really fun. I will include some photos.

Christina at band concert

Faith in God girls last month

Hawaiian Haystacks table

More luau decorations

We also had little tissue flowers underneath cupcakes on the tables with little toothpicks that had those accordion pleats with people's names on them--assigned seating.

We had hula instruction--oops, a photo of that would have been great--why didn't I take one? oops

Out and about, generally, concerned with the job situation, I guess.