Thursday, June 21, 2007

I got a shot of Elizabeth holding one of the yellow tomatoes out back not long ago. I've diced & frozen about a quart of them. Soon a bunch more will ripen, maybe red ones, though, so there's a chance I might put up some salsa again this year. I need to make some that I like as much as the stuff from WalMart, the great value salsa.

Last week I saw on my Family Fun weekend newsletter this photo, and I thought it sounded like something pretty easy, and Elizabeth said, yeah, let's make those.

So here was my attempt at it. Not quite as polished, but you get the general idea. From what I heard, Nicholas did not go for the green bow tie so much and the cucumber peel pieces were tossed, but that's ok! lol I also didn't know if they'd like the Rye Krisp crackers so much, but I had a bunch of them from when they were at that 99 cent store, and that's what the recipe said to use. I was actually supposed to use scallion instead of cucumber peel, but the cucumber peel seemed to work all right. It's called "a cheesy gift for Dad".

I often reflect on Father's Day about how lucky I was that I had my dad growing up. He passed away about a week after I graduated from high school, and I enjoy hearing talks about dads on that day.

Oh, and last week also a girl from my ward and her daughters brought us a family night treat unexpectedly! I was so impressed! She should go into the cake business, really! If she didn't already keep busy enough as it is driving the school bus, that is. In fact, I saw the same exact cake on the cover of Woman's Day, and she replicated it pretty precisely.

So, anyways, I am registered now for a math class also. I will go fill out forms for working in the cafeteria later today.

I'm going to look at a Barnes & Noble style format book before I turn in my English assignments, but they're getting hard. I still need to work on my resume some for it, do a lesson plan, and also a parent-teacher newsletter. That's not even counting the last five lessons. I peeked ahead and got an idea for the eight to ten page research paper--year round gardening in Houston. I know the acorn squash I grew this year could very well have been from one of the seedlings Nicholas brought home from school, so teachers here seem to know about gardening.

The math class will be a doozy. It said prerequisite Calc 2. Well, I did take Calculus three times. *sigh* It's just one of the modules. Somewhere I saw a website on one of the chat boards for the class of a really great calculus help website. There were problems of the day in archive so I hope I will be able to get what I need online. I have a year to finish the course. If I don't finish it by August, I will at least hopefully still have the child nutrition job. Hopefully I will, but if not, that will be the cookie crumbles, I guess.


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