Saturday, June 16, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! lol

I did my sweep of the fashion shows this past week and checked out the major runway photos on I noticed a lot more modest styles, too. I had heard some mention of that, of some film having come out which could have influenced some retro styles.

My new sewing projects are still basically quilting, although I recently cut out fabric for a dress for Sunday, and bought some black knit yesterday for making a pseudo-Dianne vonFurstenburg wrap style dress, less it really being wrap. I have some wrap dresses and skirts. When I wear them on Sunday during sacrament meeting my son sits on my lap sometimes and it's a struggle to keep skirt from getting moved to and fro, so to avoid that whole issue I'm just going to make the dress closed completely around and have it tie at the waist, still, so it will have the appearance of being wrap-around, I guess.

I saw like four possible patterns to use, but will probably just kind of wing it from patterns I already have. That will take a leap of bravery on my part since I usually prefer the exact pattern in front of me. I've ad libbed before, on the other hand, so it actually shouldn't be such a big deal.

Here is the design I have in mind for the next quilt I'm planning. It's three-D.

I saw it in a quilting magazine from the library and also on a website for a jinny byer ad, and I thought it looked cool. Here it seems to be pictured as a single block, but mine would be with multiple ones. So that's why I bought the diamond-shaped template. I had some trouble when I wasn't using one for the hunter star for Elizabeth's quilt, of getting them all uniform. I'm still a beginner.

Here's a photo of the cub camp I went to last week as a den walker. It was fun. :)


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