Saturday, May 26, 2007

A few days after my dog bite experience we had a possum in our back yard. It had crawled along the top of the fence carrying babies on its back, and then climbed onto the tree. I was worried about it catching sight of my tomatoes and squashes so I tried to "encourage" the mother to leave the yard with a water hose, which worked pretty well. The possum seemed stranded in the tree and its babies were falling off, but it managed to flee without incident.

I did mention the dog bite--it was a doozy. I was out running and an owner with her pit-bull/bulldog or something was in my path so I turned more towards the street, when the dog darted out for me. Just then I noticed some a white minivan and another car driving by. It was just across the street from Northpointe Elementary and the dog seemed to be tied to a tree while the owner was looking at something in the bushes.

Long story short, and $80 in copays, shot and penicillin fees later, I am better now, I think. Animal Control never did locate the animal, but I don't think it was rabid.

I continued running but when I got home and saw how bad it was I was pretty shocked and scared.

For the not faint of heart or stomach, this is the warning space that what lies below is not a pretty site.

are you sure you want to keep scrolling down?

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it's really not pretty

lol! I told you! Just be glad it wasn't you. At the time I got it it really gave me the feeling of being attacked by a shark! I think the dog was ready for some meat in his dog dish.