Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My blog hasn't had much to do with fashion lately, has it? For one thing, I've not really written much in a year, other than a lame poem, and another entry about my aisha neopet, that is. I had a pretty good year.

I have contemplated the life of a fashion designer recently, though. I wondered, what if I had taken that career path direction and what not. Heaven knows, there's not a limit to the number of designers there could be in the world if they wanted to.

Ok, so it's like this. If you're a designer, you need backing, and you need a lot of creative ideas.
Well, I have some creative ideas, and some backing, kind of.

I've enjoyed looking at fashion shows on, and seeing the colors of fabrics and what not. Some of the shows are kind of *I look the other way* or click to the *next style asap*, it's part of the business, any business, I guess. We make choices. If we want to be in the world, we see the good, the bad, the ugly. Movie editors and most everyone else have to weave in and out of lots of mazes, surely.

I guess I have an inferiority complex related to my accepting the job with Sunday work, but I moved on, and I haven't been working on Sundays since. I learned that you can find jobs that accommodate you, although they are not the easy ones to find. For example, look how long it took for me to find my husband, who isn't perfect, but he puts up with me most of the time.
Well, I live the life of a partially creative person.

I don't always have a neat and organized environment around me. My children's rooms are not always put up. I have my weekly schedule, and that helps a lot, to keep it in control. I enjoy helping them clean their rooms and watching them accept more and more responsibility.

Well, onto what I started talking about before. I've been purchasing lots of fabric within limits. I've tried to buy stu
ff I would actually enjoy seeing as an item of clothing. I have now six to seven banana boxes full of fabric in the attic, sorted somewhat by color and/or pattern type. Ta da. So if I want to sew a dress, a creation as it may be, I can "shop" from the attic. The key will be to be go up there periodically to take mental inventory so I know what I do and don't have to work with. It would be pretty silly to buy a swatch of denim or corduroy if there's already a perfectly good one up in the attic.

I've also joined a new interest group in Relief Society with some quilters, and have looked at quilt pattern websites. My big project will be some type of nautical quilt for our california king size bed. I also am planning to back some fleece with quilted piecework for my children. I purchased some lime green and dark pink solids maybe three years ago I've been waiting to do something with, and I'm thinking quillow.
So the pattern I have in mind is "hunters square" from the website.

The nautical quil
t will maybe be a combo of freestyle and patterns. I was thinking of making it kind of like a mural with ocean water on the bottom, with fish, and then boats and waves, and then sand, a beach chair, a lighthouse, and a sky, seagulls, clouds, and the sun. So I'm slowly investing in fabric for it. I'm trying to force myself to get it started since I've had it as a possible project for such a long time now.

So I need to move onto some other things as well:

wall stenciling in Elizabeth's room

paint her shelf and stencil it
figure some type of wall treatment or design for the upstairs bathrooms
make pillow for family room out of the horse fleece (would have been for Christina, but the colors don't go)

prepare for the gardening this year; tomatoes, peppers, herbs, okra, grapes, strawberries, etc.
more volunteering at the school libraries, since I haven't done much (optional)

child care for my neighbor, as needed (she pays me)

making more snacks for my children with the fruit and nut order stuff in the pantry
keeping the photos up to date with future scrapbooking projects in mind
figuring out what I'm going to do for Christmas gifts this year for extended family, if anything
other general family and marriage stuff
run the 10K this year
play the minute waltz fast enough to time it
work on menus that are well-balanced including more than 10% protein a day for myself
probably a ton of other stuff

So it's a tall order to fill, but I'm up for doing something, so it might as well be that, since I'd like to do it, and it sounds good to me. So off to the races I go! jooop


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