Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hmm... in the interest of time management, or not, I am starting yet another blog in addition to the myspace one (which has no entries, though actually), my xanga, and maybe even yet another I can't think of at the moment; actually no other.

So anyways, I am excited to be able to use computers, to put them to use as a tool. They are remarkable gizmos, which are hard to go without once you get accustomed to them. The best thing about them is they are forgiving and can record events, thought, memories--you name it. If not for the computer, just think of all the people I would have never "met".

I can use the computer to learn about so many things. I can read online about news, weather--pertinent things to do with daily life. I love using the computer.

There are also times I need to spend a little less time computing and more time cleaning, though, or my other many interests, some which I won't even probably remember to mention. I clean up after my children still; they are not expected to do everything on their own yet. I also keep up a garden with growing edibles and flowers. I enjoy visiting the temple and working there, usually once a month. I volunteer at the elementary school where my children go. Next year, who knows what is in store for me when my eldest starts middle school.

I've been painting robots on Nicholas's wall, which has become quite time-consuming. In our last house I used stencils in two smaller areas, and so it's a step up for me. I enjoy making plans that are realistic and things I hope other people will like. For example, my daughter has a floral wallpaper on one wall, and I will use a stencil to continue a floral border design on the other three walls, once I'm done with my son's room.

I've been running as a new "sport". There's nothing quite like it. We live sort of near a bayou, well, it's for draining for our neighborhood, and for nearby neighborhoods. It's sort of in the nature, and I don't run on concrete. I have to be very careful not to trip and injure myself, but overall, it's been great. I come to intersections from time to time and people sometimes comment that they saw me out there with my weights (one pounders), and I have learned to not be self-conscious, I guess. I'm not ready for any marathons; I've never been terribly athletic. But if I didn't do something, aging will get the better of me and I won't be able to enjoy life near as much. That's good enough incentive for me.

Anyways, when I was at the Galleria last month I saw that store Caroll Milano again, but didn't go inside. There was another store, Carroll Paris or something. So I went in and their clothes were as cute as the other store's. I fell in love with a black corduroy jacket with ruffles and lace--$398! Yikes.

Since then I've been eyeing corduroy at WalMart. Then Thursday when I was selling ice cream and reading my Ladies Home Journal, I saw almost the same jacket, or slightly, in white corduroy, in a fashion feature, from Banana Republic. They really have cute stuff at Banana Republic lately here in Houston. I must have similar taste with their local buyer, maybe, I guess.

Winter is the best time to clothes shop, anyways, for decent things it seems.

I also liked the Yves St. Laurent top at Neimann Marcus, but it was way expensive. It was marked down from over a thousand to something in the 6 or 700's. Wow.

I have my closet ready for a while now. I was in there organizing Monday. Once spring gets here there will be class parties at school.

I wonder why I haven't been called by the automated sub system lately--I guess it's just the luck of the duck. Lulu said I should make business cards with my phone number and hand them out to different teachers and ask them to call me. Maybe I should, who knows--especially to those second grade teachers, since that seemed like an ok age to sub for that one time. I've never subbed for 4th grade, though. I would try for the older ages, but then my own children would have to fend for themselves somewhat for the school bus in the morning.

Lulu & I saw Clari Wednesday and her baby has had a stuffy nose. She went from 6 lbs 12 oz to 10 pounds in a month's time! Unbelievable. Lulu's mom has high blood pressure, and Yomari has high cholesteral now. See what I mean about aging--it's not like exactly like going down a slide at the playground.


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